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Having the right mindset

It is written, “No one who is born of God [deliberately, knowingly, and habitually] practices sin, because God’s seed [His principle of life, the essence of His righteous character] remains [permanently] in him [who is born again—who is reborn from above—spiritually transformed, renewed, and set apart for His purpose]; and he [who is born again] cannot habitually [live a life characterized by] sin, because he is born of God and longs to please Him,” (1 John 3:9, AMP).

God’s message is clear, how we think and see the world directly impacts how we live, speak, and act. If we keep the perspective that no matter what goes on in our lives that we will not sin against God since we have accepted His son in our lives, then we will feel the conviction when we do something that we should not be doing. Thinking soberly minded (1 Peter 5:8) is how to start this transforming journey out of the gray area (when we become comfortable where we are currently at spiritually and we get sluggish) that many of us have slumped ourselves in. Then, remember to keep our thoughts focused on above and not on ourselves or this world. When we can do this it is a humbling experience. It will guide you to understand that we live “in” this world but are not “of” this world anymore since we are “born again.” This is the only way to live a life in the light of God.

God knows that we are not perfect, this is why the Scripture stated: “habitually sinning.” We all fall short and we will never be perfect, however, this is not a justification to continue sinning. It is a simple reminder of the mercy of God and the love of Christ that is constantly willing to cover us from our sin nature each time we truly repent of it. Now, by understanding this, I pray that if there are any people reading this that find themselves convicted because they themselves are living in a “gray area” can repent of their sins and their mindset.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that we can all stay focused on the Kingdom of Heaven and not on ourselves or this world. I pray that we all can be transformed and rejuvenated daily by the Holy Spirit and that we never forget the sacrifice of Jesus Christ because this is the only way to live in your light. Father, I pray for the conviction when we don’t walk according to your word so we can continue growing spiritually. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

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