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Down and Out

There was once a slave owner driving his carriage down a dark road with one of his slaves. Then suddenly one of his wheels came off the carriage and the loud noise scared his horses. The horses jumped up and their sheer power snapped their ropes. Suddenly, the carriage flipped once the front of the carriage slammed down and hit a stone. The slave owner was suddenly pinned down by the carriage and his slave who was unhurt watched him in pain. The man groaned and yelled because of his pain but there was no one that could hear his voice. At first, the slave owner yelled at the slave and did not want his help because he thought he could get himself out of his circumstances. Then the owner realized that he needed help and he belittled the only person that could truly help him. That man knew without a shadow of a doubt that his slave would leave him there and allow him to die slowly because of the horrible things he did and said to him in the past.

This was the slave’s chance to simply run away as a free man, however, he did something that completely shocked his owner. He walked up to him and tried his best to lift the carriage off the slave owner but it was too heavy. However, the slave would not give up. As the slave master saw these events unfold in front of him, he started to cry because he did not deserve the help of his servant and the hard work he was putting forth to save his life. Luckily for him, the slave was able to get him loose. Then, the slave picked up his owner and placed him on his back, and walked him for miles to the nearest town to get him the medical treatment he required to live. After this slave owner recovered, he went down to his slave in tears and cried on his feet because he knew that he did not deserve to live or even the smallest bit of compassion, however, his slave gave it to him anyway. The slave simply lifted his owner’s head and told him that he was forgiven.

As Christians, we understand that we have been blessed with this same kind of compassion and love that the slave owner had. Like the slave owner, we kept God’s Spirit in chains and at a distance until the time came in our lives that we were at our lowest. We could not get ourselves out of the circumstances that we were in. We yelled and screamed at God and never had the humility to submit ourselves to His authority until we needed help. We restrained His Spirit instead of allowing it to guide us (1 Thessalonians 5:19). However, I have some good news. God is willing to forgive you. Not only will He forgive you for accepting His son Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, but He sends you a Helper (the Holy Spirit) to guide you through your life (John 14:26). However, we must remember that we have to allow the Holy Spirit to do His job in our lives and He cannot do this in chains. Let Him free and watch the change in your life.

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