Learning from Jesus, the Evangelist

In this sermon, Pastor Ramon descibes what successful evangelism is. He does this by sharing what the Gospel teaches us about how and where Jesus interacted with people. Then, he explains and shares examples about how the apostles modeled their attitude towards evangelism from Jesus teachings. So, if you have never evangelized or shared your […]

Less of Me, More of Him

In this sermon, Pastor Ramon goes over what humilty should look like. He then explains how humility should look in our personal relationship with Jesus, our marriages and parenting, and our communities. The goal of this message is to help bring people closer to Christ, and that can only happen through a humble heart!

Are you ready to hear the trumpet?

In this sermon, Pastor Ramon speaks to us about being ready to hear the trumpet sound. Then, he explains the significance of evangelizing and trying to reach the lost until the church no longer has breath in their lungs. So please watch and share this message with those who you believe would benefit the most […]

You Can’t Escape It

In this message titled, “You can’t escape it,” Pastor Nick Pacaccio preaching on accountability. Not one person can escape their time of judgment. In understanding this, Pastor Nick shares the importance of living each and every day to grow closer to the Lord and living righteously. So please enjoy and share the message!