Character from Jesus’ eyes

Jesus teaches us in Matthew 5:37 that our life should back up our words. It is written, “But let your statement be, ‘Yes, yes’ or ‘No, no’ [a firm yes or no]; anything more than that comes from the evil one.” This is a very simple teaching but it is one that is difficult to achieve without Him. You see, they worse your character is the less likely you are to be trusted by people. It may sound like something harsh but it is the truth. How people see us is a direct reflection of how we act, think, and speak. If we have to spend time trying to get people to trust something that we said or did, instead of getting mad at the person we should reflect on why they are not trusting us. It just might be that we have a character flaw and do not know about it.

I think that many of us have this defensive mechanism to us where we want people to listen and trust us, however, trust must be earned. It all comes down to do we reflect Christ in our words and actions or do reflect Satan or this world by having to talk people into believing us? So, I just want to encourage everyone to make simple truthful statements whenever we speak so that our “yes” can be “yes” and our “no” can be “no.” If we notice that anything other than this is accepted, pray for the Holy Spirit to provide you with the Christ-like humility to identify what causes you to not be trusted by those around you. It is only when you can identify a problem that we can fix it and grow from it.

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