Good Morning!

Good Morning another day to be grateful for. As we prepare for the coming week. Let us remember that trusting in God and His ways are far better than anything we can do. However, I am not saying that we can’t accomplish anything great in our life time, what I am saying is that seeking God’s plan for our lives is the greatest, most meaningful, and fulfilling accomplishment we will ever achieve.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, do we fear the Lord? Is the fear of the Lord a goal in our lives? How many decisions in our lives have we made that has led to many of our pains, regrets, and countless other issues. You see, God’s plan for us may seem to have disappointments at times, but it is to learn and prepare us for the things He has for us and at the end we become grateful for those experiences. Nothing worth having is ever easy.

Simple is not easy, and easy is not simple, two different perspectives. God’s ways are simple, but not always easy to pursue perhaps because of the deeper issues we may have. Perhaps it’s emotional scars, childhood memories, disappointment, abandonment, physical trespass, and the list can go on forever. We all have reasons to how we have formed our characters. However, we all can change, be set free from those bondages and forgive ourselves, others, and God (even though He is not at fault, we can blame Him for a lot of things that go wrong in our lives, especially the most traumatic ones). In order to cope, understand, and have joy we must read God’s word, and fellowship with Him. We can’t complain about God with a closed Bible.

Psalm 27:1

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?


Father give us strength to seek You today with a Humble heart. Teach us Your ways so we may know Your goodness, pureness, and understand the pains of this world. May You meet us at the sanctuary today as our pastors humbly present Your message revealed to them. Help us discern, and always honor truth verses vanity. Protect our children, spouses, and loved ones from all dangers, and help us reach out to our neighbors to share Your Love. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray! Amen!

(Guest post by Brother Aviles)

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