See the world differently

I hope today we see the world differently. May we see the condition of the world and be broken hearted for it. The rise of suicide and depression is rising. We all have to deal with the circumstances of life. Perhaps we know someone or are going through a difficult time. Don’t let pride keep us from getting on our knees and asking God to guide us. In an ever-changing world we serve a God that doesn’t change, just use the changed times to do the same; Show us His love and how we continually resist Him, reject Him, are stiff-necked, and make any excuse to blame Him. However, praise Him for His mercy, grace, forgiveness, love, faithfulness, majesty, and all that is good! Though we may feel as if God won’t accept us, He will, because He never changes!

Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

God doesn’t change, and His promises are revealed in scripture in order for us to implement the knowledge in our lives. Be a doer of His word.


Thank You Lord for Your word, we pray for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom in our circumstances. We are kings and queens help us rule on our assignments. Help us know You personally and not by word of mouth, but give us the strength and heart of flesh to, hunger to know You, as we would want to know those we truly love in this world. Protect our families, our leaders, and this country. We thank You for not changing and Being such a merciful God! In the Blessed name of Jesus, we pray… Amen…

(Guest Post by Brother Aviles)

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