Another Thursday!

Good Morning! Thank You Lord for another day to praise Your name, another Thursday! In life I’m sure we have heard of wake up, work hard, pursue your dreams… Nothing wrong with that, but many times we pursue dreams for the wrong reasons. What are you pursuing today? If we do, we get a result. The same goes for God’s word. What career or goal is accomplished by simply knowing? Is being a parent sufficient by just knowing? Is your daily tasks completed by simply understanding them? Everything requires action! If we want to see God move powerfully in our lives, we have to be doers of His will. Be encouraged to be a doer, hold on, withstand going against the noise. If God is for us who can be against us?

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”

James 1:22 KJV

We all know that if we go to work and talk about how much we know or just sit there nothing will get accomplished… Today take a moment to reflect our hearts, what is God telling us individually that we should be doing in gratefulness for His mercies?


Lord Jesus, we humbly ask for forgiveness of our sins. Convict our hearts today, and guide us to a yielding heart that will rejoice in Your truth. Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon us Lord, and may we find strength in You today. To not only be doers of Your word, but also find peace in embracing You in our lives. Blessed be the name of Yeshua KING of kings, LORD of lords, and it’s in His name we pray! Amen!

(Guest post by Brother Aviles)

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