Ministry Update

Hello family,

I am sorry I have not posted a post in about two weeks but things have been extremely busy with the ministry. Walking by Faith Missions Church partnered with Gates of Hope Ministries and we are falling under them as our parent ministry. We are currently in the process of planting a church together in Palm Beach County, Florida. We are also trying to establish other ministries in Europe as well.

We have been developing the curriculum for our discipleship studies programs for those who wish to establish a small discipleship group/home church through our organization. If anyone wants to join us and receive our free training, please contact me via email at We want to provide free training to individuals or any Christians that are serious about becoming disciples of Jesus Christ and finding their identity in Him.

Also, we are currently in our funding phase and are praying for donors to support our missions and the church plants. We are not asking for millions of dollars, we are just humbly asking for a consistent monthly gift to help us develop enough ministry funds to buy the property and the church needed for our headquarters in Florida. $10-20 dollars a month will go a long way to help us expand the kingdom and to establish our headquarters.

We currently have two separate ministry accounts/platforms that donors can use to support the mission. The first is under the Gates of Hope Ministry Funds that will go directly to help in the administrative costs required for this undertaking and it also goes directly towards the funds required for our church plant in Palm Beach County, Florida. The second link is to help us with the ministry finds required to continue conducting missions throughout Europe and potentially establishing a church plant in the process. In Europe, we have currently reached 9 countries and are in the process of extending to another 5 countries within the next 3 months. Here are the links and any assistance is humbly appreciated.

To support the church plant/administrative funds in Palm Beach County, Florida:

To support our overseas ministries:

Any gifts and donations are humbly appreciated and tax-deductible. Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to both the new church plant and our overseas missions programs. God bless you all and thank you for being a part of our family and our team.

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