Beacon House Training Program

Dear brothers and sisters,

Over the last couple of months, I have been selected as the Director of Education for the Gates of Hope Ministries. I have been developing a great discipleship studies program that is focused to help Christians gather a deeper understanding of the Bible, their spiritual giftings according to the 5 fold ministry, and to help believers connect with others in their local communities by helping them start a Beacon House (discipleship/Bible study group) if they are not a part of a local gathering or church. This is a wonderful opportunity for continued training and fellowship. The first 5 courses are the core classes and we will offer a total of 15 courses in total.

As we are training, we will do the courses in phases. The first three courses are in the teacher phase (Bible Survey and Church History). Then, in the pastoral phase, our students will speak with a seasoned pastor and they will have a few meetings pertaining to their spiritual growth. They will speak about what plans they have established for professional and spiritual growth. This pastor will also help the students connect with others ministry wise to help them with their goals. The third phase will be the evangelistic phase. This is when they will take their apologetics and evangelism courses. This is heavy on application and helping Christians break from the fear of sharing the gospel with others. They will have an accountability partner and they will evangelize together if possible. The fourth phase is the prophetic phase. In this phase, they will get connected with a prophetic minister that has been vetted and is grounded in the Word. They will spend time in prayer and then they will learn ways to hear from the Spirit. This is done in person but for those who cannot be there in person, they can be involved in a Zoom conference. They will speak about what they feel the Spirit telling them and learn how to confirm that message with others. The last phase is the Apostle phase. In this phase, someone from the board of elders will speak to the students individually and help them figure out their more dominant attribute they carry (within the 5 fold). This is to help them figure out their identity in Christ and help put that calling to work within their own church or community. If they don’t have a ministry, we can help them start a beacon house (small discipleship focused group).

If you want to get involved and would like to start this 90-day training, please email me directly at my work email at We will begin training on August 12 at 6:30 P.M. EST. I pray to hear from you all and may the Lord bless this new ministry training program and the future Beacon Houses. Our goal is to supplement training for Christians and for their training to help them impact their communities as an outcome. If you feel that you would like to see what we are about, check out the first introduction course on August 12th. Until then, may God bless you all.

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