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Allowing God to multiply our blessings

Have you ever wondered the secret of allowing God to multiply your current blessings? I have the answer for you and it is simpler than you would think. The key to this answer is found in the ninth chapter of the Gospel of Luke, and Jesus teaches us that there are two steps to allow the multiplication of blessings in our lives. We find that Jesus was ministering to a crowd of over 5,000 men and the crowd was getting hungry (Luke 9:11-14). Jesus told His disciples to feed the crowd of people and the disciples told Him that they could not. They told Jesus that they only had five loaves of bread and two fish (Luke 9:13) and that there were too many people for what they currently had. Then, something amazing happens, Jesus tells the crowds to sit down and He looked up to heaven and blessed what He had in front of Him (Luke 9:16). Amazingly, everyone ate and were satisfied. In fact, there were twelve baskets of food leftover (Luke 9:17).

The first step that is required towards a life of multiplied blessing is to stop thinking you do not have enough. This is the most common problem with people today. Many of us have the habit of thinking that what we have is not enough and we always want more. We want a bigger house, we want a better car, or we want a higher paying job. Our sin nature will always confuse us into thinking that what we have is never enough or that we deserve better. However, to successfully allow God to multiply us, we need to change our perspectives. Does God supply us with a roof over our heads? Does He supply us with food and clothes? Are you truly starving in the streets with nothing? If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, then you are already living in a life of abundance. Thank God for what He has already given you and bless it. Jesus teaches us this when He blessed the bread and fish before Him. He already knew what He had was enough. His perspective was not in the physical (thinking that you do not have enough), His perspective was in the spiritual (understanding that God has already given us an overflow of blessings).

The second step to allowing God to multiply is is to be willing to share with others the blessings that you already have with others in need. We must always be Kingdom driven. When you feel like you do not have enough to share with others (thinking in the physical), it should be a sign that we need to think in the spiritual. We are to be cheerful givers because everything we have both in the physical and in the spirit belongs to God and the expansion of His Kingdom (2 Corinthians 9:6-7). In this step, we stop thinking about ourselves and focus on the resources that we currently have to bless as many people as we can. When we can show God not only that we are grateful for the surplus that He has already given us and we are willing to share that surplus of blessings with those in need, then He can trust that we are good stewards of what He has already provided us. This will allow God to multiply our blessings because He knows that whatever blessing we receive, we are willing to share with those in need.

Often times, the reason why we are not receiving a release of blessing over our lives is because of the way we think and how we act with what we have. If we can follow these two steps that Jesus illustrated to us in Luke chapter 9, then we can multiply our blessings. Ultimately, it is not complicated in theory. We simply have to stop thinking in the physical and think in the spiritual. We also have to be willing to sacrifice our wants for others’ needs. This teaching is not new. It has been thought to us throughout the Gospel. This is why God has revealed to us in His word that if we walk in the spirit and His Word abides in us, what we ask according to His will come to reality (John 15:7). This is to include the multiplication of blessings but these blessings are always meant to help those that are lacking. Not for our arrogance or our worldly natures. Now, I challenge you to follow these two steps and stand back. Wait and watch for the Lord’s blessings to multiple in your life!

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