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Lower your nets!

There is something wonderful that happens when we allow Jesus to guide our hearts and our actions. In the fifth chapter of Luke, we find that Jesus asked Simon (Peter) to draw near to the shore in his boat so that He could minister to the crowds of people that were there to hear him. After Jesus taught the crowd, He asked Peter to go to the deep and cast out his nets. In the natural, Peter knew that there was no fish in the water because he was fishing all night and was exhausted (Luke 5:5); however, in the supernatural, Peter acted out in faith. Peter said to Jesus, “But on the ground of Your word, I will lower my nets [again],” (Luke 5:5). Then, right after Peter lowered his nets, he caught a ton of fish. So much so, that the nets were at the point of breaking. They ended up having to signal out to their partners to take hold of the nets. After this happened, Peter fell to the ground on his knees and asked Jesus to depart from him because he was a sinner and not worthy to be in the presence of Jesus (Luke 5:8-9). Then, Jesus told him and the brothers (James and John) that He would make them fisher of men (Luke 5:10).

There are many wonderful lessons that we can learn from the beginning of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Luke, however, I want to highlight three of them. First is that we cannot be successful in life without the covering of Jesus in our lives. Notice that Peter worked hard overnight and toiled in the water to try to catch fish and was not successful. Peter was an experienced fisherman. However, Peter understood that even though he failed alone, based on the ground of the word of Jesus Christ that he would try again. When he laid his nets down, he lowered the guards of his heart and this allowed for Jesus’ miracle to work for and through him. You see, we must understand this simple principle to become spiritually mature. Where we failed alone, we can be successful in Christ.

Secondly, when we allow Jesus to fight our battles and fulfill our needs, He will supply us with abundance. Luke chapter 5 is a perfect example of this principle. Peter may have not yet known that Jesus was the Son of God, however, he clearly understood that Jesus was an anointed person. This is what allowed him to do what Jesus asked because Peter knew that in the Spiritual anything could be possible for someone that is anointed by God. This faith allowed the blessing Christ gave him to overflow to the point where he needed his partners to help haul the fish to shore because the nets were about to rip.

Lastly, once we recognize what Christ has done for us we need to react in reverence. Instantly, after Peter saw this miracle, he asked Jesus to depart from his presence because he was not worthy to be around him as the sinner that he was. Once Jesus heard this, and saw his faith to let down his nets, Jesus knew that there was potential for Peter. He then told Peter and the brothers (James and John) that He would make them a fisher of men. Basically, when we come to Christ in humility and reverence, we allow Him to use us. He will allow His Spirit to work for and through us to accomplish many great deeds and miracles. This is not only evident in this piece of Scripture but throughout the Gospels.

Ultimately, we all have an opportunity to have enough faith to lower our own nets. When we can do this, there are many blessings that Christ wants to release to us but the most important is our salvation. This is a humbling thing to learn because we do not deserve it. However, Christ paid the price and He wants to be in our lives. He wants to supply us with a life of abundance. He even wants to work through us if we are willing to bow down on our knees and accept that we are nothing without Him. Peter learned this in the past and I pray that we all can apply this teaching today. This is what it means to lower our nets. Speaking to you as someone who lowered my net many years ago, I wish I would have done it sooner. To see the transformation that Jesus has had in my heart, in my mind, and in my life, I have no choice but to share His love for all who can hear my voice. So please, whatever is holding you back from giving Christ every part of you, leave it at the foot of the cross and receive your blessings! The only thing that is keeping you from catching your miracle is you, so stop being your worst enemy and lower your net (your guard for Christ).

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