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Speaking life over our children

Today’s message is about speaking life over our children. In Luke 1:76-80, Zachariah, the father of John the Baptist was prophesying (speaking life into) his child. The Lord gave Zachariah a special message about the future of his son, and now he was standing watching God’s word come to life. Zachariah knew not only from God that his child would be special but the Holy Spirit that was in him was confirming the message. As he looked at his son he was filled with love and excitement. In Luke 1:76-79, Zachariah blessed his son by speaking life into his future. He told his son that he would be a prophet for the Lord and that he would make ready His ways (Luke 1:76). Then, he said that John would bring the people the knowledge of salvation to God’s people (Luke 1:77). Lastly, Zachariah foreshadowed the coming of Christ and the shared message of salvation that He would share with the world (Luke 1:78-79). Then something wonderful happened! The little boy (John the Baptist) grew and became strong in spirit (Luke 1:80).

As John grew older, the life that his father spoke to him as he was a baby started to become a reality. He became strong in spirit, that is, in the human spirit, he had vitality and fortitude. John knew from an early age that he was special and that God had anointed him to have an impact on not only his people but the world. That same life that Zachariah spoke to his child allowed him to not only understand how wonderful God is but who he was in God’s eyes. You see, by speaking life into his child, Zachariah was cultivating a seed of light in him. God reveals to us in His word that our tongues can bring forth life or death (Proverbs 18:21). Zachariah was not going to speak death over his child, and because of that, John fulfilled what his father spoken over him as a child.

The application of this Scripture is easy, we should only speak life over our children. I know that our children can push our buttons and temp us into anger. However, like Zachariah, God blessed us with them and has a special mission for them. It is up to us, as parents, to speak life over them and help them identify who they are in Christ. When our children can see who they are in Christ, they will only have the limitations in their life that we have set (or spoken) to them. So please remember to only speak well of your children and if you feel so angry that you can’t, stay quiet and don’t say a word. We have only one opportunity to cultivate our children to be the next generation of John the Baptists.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you provide peace and patience in our lives when it comes to raising your children. Father, I pray that you give the parents reading this message today the strength and courage o know that their children can and will be worked by you. I pray that you only allow our tongues to speak life, not only in our parenting but in everything we say. In Jesus’s name, we pray, Amen.

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