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Be a grace ninja

What made ninjas one of the most successful assassins on the planet? They disciplined themselves to live a life dedicated to martial arts, strategy, science, and being silent. They would study with one another and always look for ways to improve themselves and their art. There is a lot of things that could be learned from a ninja, especially by a Christian. I am not saying to go out and study how to kill someone, what I am saying is to focus yourself on being disciplined and stealthy. You see, Jesus teaches about this very thing in the book of Matthew. In chapter six, Jesus teaches us to not do our good deeds in public, simply for others to see what we are doing (Matthew 6:1). He also teaches us that if we give to the poor to not announce it with trumpets (Matthew 6:2). Jesus also tells us that when we give to charity to not let one hand know what the other is doing (Matthew 6:4). Lastly, Jesus tells us that when we pray we must enter our innermost room instead of being long-winded in public (Matthew 6:5-6). Then, Jesus explains why a believer must be secretive in this manner. He teaches us that we are not to be like “them” as in hypocrites (Matthew 6:8).

The reason why Jesus was teaching this to his disciples and to us is that our rewards will only be superficial when we announce our good deed. The people that we are trying to impress will praise us but this will be our only reward. What we do in secret will be rewarded in public by our Heavenly Father (Matthew 6:6). Seeking praise is a common human emotion. However, it can announce our insecurities to the enemy and it can show our true motives behind our deeds. This makes us an ineffective “grace ninja.” At the end of the day, all Christians are called to be disciplined, this is why we are called disciples. To be a disciple we need to put in the time and effort to study God’s word; build a strategy to defeat our enemies (the flesh, and the world), and to be silent when we give or pray for another person. This is not simple though, it takes time and effort to be strict. However, if a ninja could do it to be an effective assassin we can do it to be an effective Christian. So if we are tempted to do anything in public remember that Jesus is calling us to be a grace ninja instead of a hypocrite! This is the only way that we can be successful with our mission in life, and this mission is to be stealthy in our giving, being stealthy in our prayer life, and being strategic in our daily walk.

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