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Do it for Christ!

How we live our life matters. There will be a time in everyone’s life when we will face judgment and the outcome will either be one of eternal happiness or one of eternal misery. Jesus Christ will come and judge everyone from His glory as God’s mediator for all humanity. Until then, the godly and ungodly will live together until death takes us all. For those of us who have already accept Jesus Christ into our lives, the Holy Spirit will guide and convict us to live a life to emulate the ministry of our Savior. However, how we chose to response will either glorify Christ or bring about His disappointment.

In Matthew 25:45, Jesus declared to us that when we fail to help others, we are basically failing to help Him. Prior to this statement, Jesus was stating that He was hungry and no one feed Him; that He was thirsty and no one gave Him something to drink; that He was a stranger and was not welcomed; that He was naked and no one clothed Him; and that He was sick and in prison and no one helped or ministered to Him (Matthew 25:42-43). What Jesus is teaching us is that it should be just as easy to help someone in need as it would be to serve Him. Placing other’s needs before our own, especially when we do not feel like it is how we should worship Christ.

Being a Christian means that we all should be humility in action. We need to look for ways to help others, not for ourselves but because it is what Christ would have done. As His ambassadors, we need to break out of our shell. We need to break the chains that bind us to think that someone else will help those in the streets, in the prisons, and the widows. We are those people! Christ died for us to move and do something. He did not die for us to grow stagnant, He died so we could emulate His sacrifice for others. He died for us to be able to feed the hungry and to have compassion for them like He had for us.

We need to be on mission and on task every single day. So love and serve others like He loved and served us. I do not know about you but I never want to hear from Jesus’ mouth that He was hungry and I never fed Him, or that He was naked and I never clothed Him. If you honestly have Him in your heart neither should you. So let us work together in a manner that we can accomplish what needs to be done and serve those who have not been helped. It is only when we can do this that we can glorify Christ’s sacrifice of each and every one of us. Get involved in your community and let Christ live through you.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for showing us that we should live a life without holding anything back from anyone. Father, I pray you can give us the courage to break through any chains holding us back from serving those in need. I pray that our thoughts and actions can glorify your Son. I pray that as we feed, cloth, and minister to others so that your love can shine through our actions to them. In Jesus name, we pray, Amen!

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