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Love and let God sort them out

In chapter thirteen of the book of Matthew, Jesus teaches us many valuable parables about the separation between hypocrites and true Christians. You see, our world is full of people who proclaim Christ with their mouths but never through their hearts. Their actions never line up with their words and this is disheartening to not only Christ but the community these people are spreading their disease in. This disease is where people can live in a manner according to their will while they try to hide their thoughts and actions in the church pews. The reason why I am addressing this issue is that it is not a new problem. Paul teaches us that nothing is new under the sun in Ecclesiastes 1:9, and his words could not be any truer.

As I have been traveling for these past five years, my largest audience that I have ministered to is the group of believers that have fallen out of the church because of other Christians. They have pushed away because other Christians were not living a godly life or because their churches were being run like a business instead of a New Testament church. This is a sad condition that many of our brothers and sisters are facing today and what is worse is the brokenness left in their hearts. This is why the understanding and application of Jesus’ parables in this chapter is important in our lives today.

In Matthew 13:30, Jesus teaches us that the future state of the Gospel church will have both the genuinely faithful and people with false professions of faith. However, He clearly explains that they must grow together and in the end, they will be separated. Like the weeds growing in the field of grains, the workers will have to separate the two when the harvest comes, but take to heart that Jesus teaches us that they will be separated. Similarly, Jesus teaches us that the angels will separate the wicked from the rigorousness like a fisherman claiming his catch Matthew 13:49-50.

What this means for us is to not let what others say and do stop us from living the Gospel. Jesus will judge and separate the good and the bad with His angels. Nowhere in His Gospel does it state that we will do the job. This is to allow us to take comfort in Christ’s wise judgment. This allows us to focus on our shortcomings instead of others. Let those with logs in their eyes cast stones to those with a speck in their eyes. Live your life to the best of your ability and be an example for others to emulate, especially in the church. Do not allow others to steal your joy or the joy of others in the body of Christ. We have been warned many times of the multitudes of anti-Christs in this world and even though we may not be able to stop them, we can stop their influence in our lives. So, if you have been hurt by a fellow believer, forgive them and keep on loving. Let the Gospel shine through your actions and how you treat those who mistreat you. In other words, love and let God sort them out in the end. If we can live in this manner our life will be full of joy instead of disappointment!

Father, I pray for the courage and confidence that is required by us to fight against the enemies’ influence in the Gospel church of today. I pray for the healing of the hearts of those who were pushed away by satans servants and I pray that the Holy Spirit can heal their hearts. I pray for the joining of true believers and the fellowship that can only come from your Holy Spirit in our lives. I pray for a small revival in everyone’s heart towards the Gospel and the acknowledgment of their transgressions against you and the strength to submit these wrongdoings to the foot of the cross. Father, we come before you on bent knees seeking the opportunity to be the best versions of ourselves regardless of what others say or do to us. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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