The writing is on the wall

Please enjoy this week’s message led by Pastor Nick Pacaccio. In his message, Pastor Nick explains exactly what the writing on the wall is and the biblical account of where it comes from. Then, he explains to us how in God’s perfect grace and mercy, He does not immediately punish His creation without giving them […]

Jesus’ 10 claims to be God

In this message, Pastor Ramon goes over 10 powerful claims that Jesus made about His deity in the Bible. Then, Pastor Ramon goes over three practical ways to apply the knowledge learned to improve your Christian walk. So enjoy and share the message with those you think would benefit from it!

The Angelic Conflict (07/14/2021)

Pastor Nick goes over the angelic conflict in this week’s message and what really happened during Genesis 1:2. Then, he explains our place in creation and how we will be witnesses for the final day of judgment.

Can you trust the Bible?

Please enjoy this Sunday’s service led by Pastor Ramon. In this message, Ramon goes on to explain the historical accuracy of the original translations of the Bible. Then, he goes into detail both within and outside of the Scriptures to explain the reliability of the Scriptures. So if you have been struggling with trusting the […]