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Walking by Faith Missions Church has both a formal affiliation through either the church or by one of the pastors for the following Christian organizations.

Our church is a member of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). Our NAE member identification number is 31933. The NAE website is Founded in 1942, the National Association of Evangelicals seeks to honor God by connecting and representing evangelical Christians in the United States. It represents more than 45,000 local churches from 40 different denominations and serves a constituency of millions. They seek to influence society for justice and righteousness and gather the many voices of evangelicals together to be more effective for Jesus Christ and His cause. They also provide resources for ministry leaders, pastors, churches and denominations, and support their ministries with trusted insight.

Pastor Ramon is a voting member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society (EPS). The Evangelical Philosophical Society is an organization devoted to the study of ethics, theology, and religion from an evangelical perspective. Membership is open to professional scholars and associate membership is available to laypersons and students. Their website is

Pastor Ramon is an associate member to the Evangelical Theological Society. The Evangelical Theological Society is a professional society of Biblical scholars, educators, pastors, and students “devoted to the inerrancy and inspiration of the Scriptures and the gospel of Jesus Christ” and “dedicated to the oral exchange and written expression of theological thought and research.” Their website is