Pastor Daniel Jacome, Gates of Hope Ministries

Walking by faith is not something that comes naturally to humans. As a Christian matures the matter of walking by faith is at the center of the process. I’ve been in ministry for over a decade. I’ve worked as an evangelist and most recently as a pastor. Over the years I’ve had many divine encounters which have resulted in many friendship and ministry partners. I met Pastor Ramon Diaz of Walking by Faith Mission through a mutual friend. The first time we spoke together I felt I met an instant friend. His friendly and approachable personality made it easy to get along with and relate to each other. Yet there was much more to Ramon that met the eye. In a very short time, Ramon showed what he was all about. First, he loves the Lord, second, he is committed to his family, and third serve the people of the Lord. We shared ministry stories and how God would use him to pray for people. It was always inspiring recounts of the power of God at work through him. I found out real quick that he would never go out of his way to bring himself honor. For Ramon, It is always about the Lord getting the glory. During the first several months I got to know Ramon he was not just doing ministry but he was a fulltime student working on his masters. Ramon never put the work of the ministry aside, even during strenuous situations he faced during school. Yet his real character was demonstrated to me many months into our friendship. As a pastor myself, the ministry can become very stressful and many times our very identity is under attack. At the beginning of 2019, I had one of the most difficult periods of my ministry. I felt rejected, broken, and felt like I had no direction. It felt that everyone but my family had just disappeared and pushed me to the side. It was during this period that Ramon, with no real direct benefit and while he was hundreds of miles away in Europe, took the time to encourage and give me wise counsel regularly. He was instrumental in my restoration process, during one of my most difficult periods in ministry. Jesus blessed me with him as a friend and co-laborer in Christ. This wasn’t advertised on Facebook, no one published an article about it, he did it simply out of his commitment to our friendship but more importantly because of his commitment to the Lord. Ramon is a man of integrity, of honor, and of true dedication not just to those he serves but to his family and most importantly to the Lord. He doesn’t just call his ministry Walking by Faith Mission, he actually walks by faith.