I consider myself a personal friend of Ramon Diaz. Chaplain, husband, father, and certainly a changed man and servant of Christ. For that, I am a lucky person. Ramon and I met in Austin, Texas about four years ago. He was transitioning from military service and was in a tough point in his life, attempting to find firm ground to support his family, his faith, and to find his “new self”. I am happy to report that Ramon and his family actually found that peace of mind by following their faith over any “cookie cutter advice” usually found these days. Following their faith, over worldly concerns, was not just a by-chance event. Their faith in God and their belief in Christ IS ALL they needed, that’s why we call that… “FAITH”. Ramon and Amy had their faith and that’s all they needed. Now, … the best part of Ramon and Amy is that they don’t just speak the word of Christ, … THEY LIVE IT at the same time. That, my friends, is the very definition of “DISCIPLE”. That said, I’d like to offer one more “slant” in the above example. I grew up as the younger of three brothers. By the time I came along, there were NO antics left to pull as my older brothers had already honed my parent’s edge. Therefore, I learned early to just tell the truth and keep life simple and it has served me well (for my heart, not so much my relationship with this earthly life).

Douglas G. Wilson

I have known Chaplain Diaz for well over 10 years. I am honored to call this man a friend, true inspiration, and a motivating force in my life. It is his strong and positive character that has personally helped me make difficult decisions. He really does do what he says and says what he is going to do and since he found Christ these qualities he has always had have grown immensely. I believe in his work and his mission as a minister.

Adé Olowu