Today’s message comes from the first chapter of the book of Hebrews. In this chapter, Paul is sharing his revelations of Jesus Christ to a Jewish community. Paul is clarifying the deity and sonship of Jesus Christ. He introduces his audience with the fact Jesus is the only begotten Son of God and set Jesus’ throne next to God’s where the angels in heaven worship Him. Paul then writes to his audience about the scepter of absolute righteousness, who is Jesus Christ himself (v.9). This scepter who loved all righteousness, which means that He is someone who delights in integrity, virtue; one who is upright in purpose, thoughts, and action. This scepter hates lawlessness or injustice and iniquity. It is this righteous person, who God laid the foundation of the world from the beginning of creation and the heavens work in His hands (v.10).

Paul continues to explain to his audience that everyone else will perish but Jesus himself will remain the same. As people grow old, He will remain the same (v.12). You see, Paul was painting a picture of not only who Jesus is but also His deity and authority as all righteousness. Christ’s authority is over the heavens and the earth, and the simple fact that Jesus will never change because of this truth. Jesus is always who He is regardless of who we are and where we are in life. Jesus is a lover of all righteousness and regardless if we understand the fullness of our sinfulness, He does. Jesus is ever-present from the beginning of time until the end of time comes. He is and will always be. This is why He is the truth and the foundation in which everything is created for and through (‎Colossians 1:16).

Now, why do you think this message was so important for Paul to address at that time? Most importantly, how does it apply to all of us today? Keep reading and you will find out why!

During the time that Paul was writing this message, many Jews have a superstitious, one can say an idolatress, respect for the angels. Many of them even worshiped angels as deities. The reason why they did this was that angels brought them the law and the Divine will of God in the past. They looked up to these angels as “mediators” between God and humanity. Some of these Jews even took it a step further and paid homage to the angels. This is why the apostle had to share the truth of Jesus Christ with the Jews in a manner that they could understand it. He has to teach them that the authority and power that the angels were subject to were created by Jesus Christ himself.

The angels themselves, who the people were worshipping were subjects of Jesus, and they worshipped Him. Not only was the apostle relating this gospel with his audience, but he referenced many of the Old Testament Scriptures that they would have known by heart (Psalms 104:4; 45:6-7; 102:25-27, and 110:1). He wanted his audience to not only understand what he was sharing but to relate to it as well. This is because the truth is the truth, and this truth is that only Jesus is the true mediator between God and humanity. Jesus will never change and they can trust in Him and Him alone.

This simple message is what was given to these people and this same simple message is what I am sharing with you all here today. Shake off the things that people have told you in the past who wanted to cast doubt in your faith. Jesus is who He said he is. Your identity is not found in people or the false idols of this world, or even the supernatural forces that we cannot understand (witchcraft), but in Jesus alone. Your truth and identity can only be found in the one who all the heavens work through the holes in His hands.

Your thoughts and understandings of life will change over time but He will not. Your life will take a lot of twists and turns but He will always be by your side. You will have times of confusion but He will provide you with the clarity you need to move forward in your life. But why would Jesus do this? It is because He loves each one of us that much. He knew you before you were born and knew what you needed before you did. This is why we need Jesus as the firm foundation to build our lives around. You see, He made Himself to who we all needed to be. He sacrificed Himself for us. It is through this sacrifice that the ugliest parts of us can be forgiven and exchanged for His righteousness. Our salvation and security can only come from the one who paid the price for it. He is our one and true mediator. He forgives us because only He can, and this truth is never changing.

So take this word of truth and encouragement to someone you know who needs it. They may not be confused in the idol worship of angels but are worshippers of this world. They may not even know who Jesus is, however, if they never learn about Him, in which their very image was created from, they will always be missing a piece of themselves and this leads to people filling a void that they do not even understand themselves. This leads to unnecessary anxiety and depression. But if we can relate the Gospel of Christ in a manner that they can understand, as Paul did with this Jewish community, then we can truly begin to be the light we are called to be in our communities. Share with them that Jesus’ love is enough, His grace is enough, and His sacrifice for us is enough. What is not enough is not understanding this truth. What is even worse is understanding this truth and not sharing it with someone else.

So, let us learn from Paul and share the truth in a manner that those around us can understand it. It is when we can do this that the gospel can continue to transform lives for the better, So be a catalyst for this transformation and move out of your comfort zones…

Truth is Truth