When reading Acts 28, I am reminded of when my family and I lived in Malta for a month. In Acts 28, we find that Paul was shipwrecked in Malta. As he was getting a bundle of wood for the fire, a viper bit him and the locals said that if he was evil he would die. They all watched him and nothing happened. In fact, he ended up healing the father of Publius who was sick. Then, after that, they brought all their sick to Paul to be healed and he healed them.

What is most memorable for me is my first time speaking with a person from Malta. The first thing he told me with excitement was how the Apostle Paul was shipwrecked on their island and how a viper bit him and he survived. Then, he told me how he healed the people of their island and taught them about Jesus.

You see, it does not matter how much time goes by when you plant a seed into someone, when they see God working in you and through you, that impact will last for generations. Paul did not know that after healing these people that their entire country would become a Christian nation, nor that the people would tell his story for countless generations. Paul simply acted out in faith and did what God commanded him to do.

He did not try to convenience someone of Jesus, he simply acted like Him through his love and actions. The moral of this message is simple, you will never know the impact of how you walk out your faith will have on this world. Do not let fear of how others will look at you impact how you live your life. People will wait for the vipers (the pitfalls in life) to get you off track from being an ambassador for Christ, however, when these vipers don’t, your impact can last a lifetime. So be bold and courageous with your faith. Do not let anyone hinder you from doing what God commanded you to do, even your own brothers and sisters in Christ. In the end of the day, you never know if your faith will impact a nation or not, however, why would that stop you from trying?

God bless you and remember these words. Live out your faith, you never know if you will be the next Apostle Paul.

A viper’s strike